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Concerns About Enforcement by Government Regulatory Agencies
In the year 2010, , published for the California Medical Board a factual report  of the Medical Board’s organizational structure and core programs to identify strengths and weaknesses of current operations and develop recommendations for improvements. The scope of the review encompassed assessment of the Medical Board’s governance structure and a review of the Medical Board’s internal organizational and management structure. Additionally, the study scope included assessment of:

The sufficiency of fees to meet legislative goals and mandates

Identification of laws, regulations, policies, and procedures that may hinder effectiveness

The value of services provided by external agencies

The value of services provided by contractors

The uses and effectiveness of major equipment purchases

The effectiveness of IT applications used for enforcement and licensing.

Recommendations have been included in this report.

- titled Program Evaluation - Volume I - Summary Report and - titled Program Evaluation - Final Report - have been placed on this site at:



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